Sunday, November 20, 2011

Free stuff by mail

Free stuff by mail? Really? OK, OK... I don't want to fill out surveys, give out my great grandma's social security card, or promise to get spammed for the rest of my life.. but free stuff by mail?  Could it be?

I found a really cool site that actually delivers.  This is the real thing. I actually had a conversation with the family that runs the site and they are for real. They work with various companies, large and small, to get the greatest free offers that can be offered on the site.  And, they do it well.

For example: today, I logged on and the offer was for a free flash drive. Well, not being one to turn down a free flash drive - I checked it out.  HOLY COW BATMAN!

All I had to do was click on the link (which was to a company Facebook page) and fill in my name and address (so they can send me the free offer in the mail).  How cool is that?

I have spent some time looking at the offers on the site and they really are good and really are simple and relatively unobtrusive to get.  Seriously, if you want free stuff by mail, go check out my new favorite website

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