Monday, December 26, 2011

Free samples by Mail for Christmas

I had a wonderful Christmas. Even cooked a turkey for the first time. The stockings were easier this year because of my habit of collecting free samples by mail. I have been collecting things like flash drives, really good coffee samples, pens, a Christmas ornament, two calendars, some flag decals.

Yes, I know... call me cheap, but whatever. These are really nice things and I used (some) of them for stocking stuffers. Some samples I kept for myself, but I'm pretty sure that I used all the aforementioned free samples by mail as stocking stuffers.

Oh who cares what you think? You're just jealous because you didn't send off for the free samples in time. It took a LONG time for some of them.. well... about five weeks - but I AM NOT PATIENT!!!

But I can say that every single sample I got was really cool and high quality. Some of them were full size and some were smaller. But all were cool and all were free.

Anyway. I would go and eat some left over turkey, but it's all gone already. LOL

I hope everyone had a really great Christmas and has a great New Year with the resolution to get as many free samples by mail as you possibly can.

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